Repair and / or Replacement of Programmable Logic Controllers and In / Out Modules, no longer manufactured. We work with different trade marks and we guarantee our service. Let us know your specific trade mark.
Equipment for Systems of Ammonia (NH3) and Freon.

Desarrollo de proyectos de laboratorios geoquímicos


Our commitment is to be constantly updated and to improve our products -turnkey delivered- to meet and exceed the expectations of individuals and organizations that rely on us, as expressed in our Quality Policy.

• SCADA for Colling Systems.
• SCADA for Wineries
• SCADA for Mineral Water Plants
• SCADA for Dairy Plants
• SCADA for Cold Storage
• SCADA for Effluent Plants



Our goal is to be recognized as a Company committed to quality, efficiency and technological development in the service of our Client.
• Engineering and Technical Advise.
• Commissioning and Tuning of Control Systems.
• Programming of PLC Programmable Logic Controllers
• Siemens. • Telemecanique. • Allen Bradley. • Koyo. • Hitachi

• Programming of Servomotors and Speed Shifts
• SEW. • Danfoss.
• Programming Operating Panels and HMI Touch Screen
• Integración de Sistemas con distintas Tecnologías.
• SCADA – Data Acquisition Systems
• Replacement and / or Updating of Programmable Controllers


• Diary
• Industry of Beverage and Sodas
• Wine Industry
• Fruit and Vegetable Industry
• Recycling Industry
• Metalworking Industry
• Research Laboratories